The Abdominoplaty.

It is the medical term that is given to the aesthetic surgery of the abdomen; Its purpose is the restructuring and thinning of the area of ​​the body that is located between the chest and the pelvis, to give the patient a slender body and a flat abdomen and a thinner silhouette. This surgery helps with excessive skin that is produced by weight loss, pregnancy or tissue sagging. The achievement of this surgery is obtaining an abdomen of youthful appearance, with flat shape, firm skin, without stretch marks, an exquisite navel, as well as a well accentuated waist.

The patients that are the best candidates for a tummy tuck are men and women who have a good physical condition, having a localized deposit of adipose tissue with flaccid skin in the abdomen or who have stretch marks. It is a procedure that offers great satisfaction for the improvement in the aesthetic aspect.

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