Prophylactic Mastectomy.

Prophylactic Mastectomy.

Female patients should take into account a true risk of developing breast cancer and the limitations of current tests when considering prophylactic mastectomy.

The surgical procedure of extraction of both breasts to prevent breast cancer (bilateral prophylactic mastectomy) can greatly reduce the incidence of breast cancer and thus improve survival cases of having a high risk of breast cancer.

After the surgical procedure, most are satisfied with this type of decision, but not with the aesthetic corporal results.



Many require additional surgeries. But most experience less concern about getting cancer.


In this type of intervention we eliminate all the glandular tissue, leaving the skin, aureole and nipple in place.
Many of our patients who choose to have this type of intervention also opt for a preventive mastectomy for total breast reconstruction.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is very important that the patient, before performing this type of intervention, talk to a doctor about their risk of breast cancer, and its possible complications, especially for some other options instead of surgery.


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