Lipo - Cavitation.


It is a technique that allows to suppress cellulite or decrease its volume in certain parts of the body. This treatment works by means of emission of waves generating air bullae in cells that have fat. The frequency of the waves oscillates between 38 and 42 kHz which favors the implosion of the bullae of air and, consequently, of the adipocyte walls. This process is an alternative to painless.

What is it and how it works?

With aesthetic cavitation, accumulated fat




emulsifies by transforming it into liquid, once transformed into liquid it is expelled naturally from the body through the lymphatic system (through urine).

Results and benefits:
* Weightloss.
* Loss of volume
* Dissolution of fat.
* Reaffirmation of the tissue.
* Improvement of blood microcirculation.
* Improvement of intestinal transit and fluid drainage.
* Durable results

La reducción en centímetros varía de persona a persona.


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