Otoplasty or ear surgery (also called “Auriculoplasty,”) is a plastic surgery procedure to change the appearance of the ears.

The intervention can be done with local anesthesia and it is an intervention of an estimated time between 1 and 2h in duration.

It does not require hospitalization so the patient can return home a few hours after having performed the operation.

It is an anatomical restoration of the ears, improving your image, it does not alter or affect your ability to listen and allows the ears to be in proportion to the size and shape of the face.




This intervention is recommended in patients between a young age between 8 and 12 years, where the growth of the ears in relation to their head is almost completed.

Although the procedure can also be done in older patients or adults.

The fact that it is ideal in the younger age is that the cartilages are very malleable and the child will get early psychological benefits.

The post-operative is important to wear an elastic band to finish fixing the posture of the ears and avoid dirt.

In this way you have to let the ears heal.

This procedure is recommended to be carried out in winter, since after the operation it is recommended to avoid places or places of heat, during at least 1 week.


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