FUT or FUSS Technique

Technical Hair Graft FUT – FUSS.

FUT Technical Capillary Graft (Unitary Unit Shape Surgery or FUSS)
It is a microinjector or transplant of hair with an ambulatory surgical procedure, it is a procedure that must be carried out by authorized and certified surgeons.

The procedure consists in extracting a strip of scalp in the occipital region of approximately 25 cm.
A microscope is used to obtain the follicular unit that can be carried out through the areas at risk of alopecia.
In the area of ​​the hair is not affected by alopecia or baldness, nor is there any kind of progressive weakening of the follicles or thinning of the hair.


The hair transplant called “FUT” is the most indicated in alopecia treatments where the problem of baldness is greater.

– It is the best treatment to cover large areas of baldness.
– It can increase the capillary density of the entire top of the head.
– Completely natural results.
– Local anesthesia + sedation is used.
– It is an outpatient surgery, which the patient leaves the same day, but may return to your daily activity within 48 to 72 hours.


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