It is a type of therapy or aesthetic treatment, which can be considered more in the style of a surgical treatment, since it is based on the application of short electromagnetic radiations, with fairly high frequencies, on the body. This technique or procedure may even have greater benefits to those where laser beams are used.

Benefits. The body radiofrequency is able to make your skin feel warm under the skin layers. This process is responsible for affecting the skin and fat tissue so it generates elimination results. Thanks to this heating process of the treated area the improvement of the lymphatic system can be achieved.

eliminating much of the cellulite that is seen in the superficial layers of the skin. How is body radiofrequency treatment. Are you thinking about submitting to our body radiofrequency treatment? This may interest you! The duration of the body radiofrequency treatment depends on the area that is subjected to the treatment. In any case, the smallest areas can be solved with a session of 25 minutes. Larger ones can take up to 50 minutes per session. Although this radiofrequency process is not really complicated, it is necessary to first go through a process of evaluation to the patient.

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