FUE Technique (1x1)

Technical Hair Graft FUE (1×1).

The FUE technique is a variant intervention of the follicular micro-transplant technique considered as the most advanced hair transplant technique that exists. It is a technique that consists of removing the hair follicles in an individual way from the donor area without the need to leave linear scars.

The results are as natural as the original hair. In the hands of an expert the results are excellent. Duration: Depending on the amount of hair that needs to be grafted, the patient can vary from 2 to 6 hours depending on the case. If your alopecia is of a more advanced degree you would choose to require two or more sessions.

Post-Surgical Care: The patient is recommended, follow the recommendations after performing the surgery in a strict manner and go to the necessary review appointments that the doctor indicates in order to obtain satisfactory results.

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