Increase in Collagen


Increase in Collagen.

A treatment indicated to renew the youth of your skin, fine-tuning wrinkles, scars, fine lines, stretch marks and blemishes.

The procedure Before starting the treatment, the doctor can indicate treatments that you can use at home, in order to prepare the skin to start it.

A device is used that slides over the desired area in several directions, causing micro-perforations in the skin. This stimulation is done by rolling a cylinder with micro needles that cause micro injuries.

Through these micro injuries, the natural process of skin repair begins. The treatment is safe very fast and is done in the doctor’s office.



In more sensitive or delicate patients an anesthetic cream can be used.

This procedure is not recommended in people with poor healing or delicate skin.

Recommendations for after treatment

The skin may be somewhat irritated, something that will disappear in a short time. Your doctor may tell you some creams for your treatment. Using sunscreen is vital to protect the treated area. After a couple of sessions you will see improvements in appearance on the skin.




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